Burpham Gardening Club News

Written by John Boon

March & April 2020

Dates for your diary, The Trading Hut re-opens on Sunday 1st March at 10.30am. Tuesday 24th March is the AGM after which John Negus will be talking on the ‘Plants and Flowers of Disneyland Florida’. At the AGM we will need to elect a new Committee, we urgently need a Secretary, if you think that you can assist in filling that post or by being a Committee Member then please come along and support us and your Club. 28th April Geoff Peach will be talking on a Gardeners Life.

Things to do in the garden in March.

  • Shallots and Onion Sets should be planted this month and if the weather continues to be mild Early Potatoes can be planted towards the end of the month.
  • Most vegetable crops can be sown this month, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Aubergines can sown in a frost free greenhouse or heated propagator.
  • Fruit trees and bushes should be fed with Sulphate of Potash – 15g per sq.metre.
  • Pruning of Blueberries, Gooseberries and Autumn fruiting Raspberries should be completed this month.
  • This is the last chance to prune established Bush and Standard Roses.
  • Sow hardy-annuals where they are to flower and to attract insects.
  • Take basal stem cuttings of Dahlias this month.

This month is a good time to move shrubs as they will re-establish themselves quickly in their new positions.

  • Continue to prune summer flowering shrubs such as Buddleia and Dogwoods which have been grown for their winter colour.
  • This month is a good time to move shrubs as they will re-establish themselves quickly in their new positions.
  • Apply ‘Weed & Feed’ with Mosskiller to the lawn then rake and scarify to remove the dead thatch, in mild conditions start to mow the grass with the mower blades on a high setting.

Things to do in the garden in April.

  • Second Early and Main crop potatoes should be planted.
  • Beetroot, Carrots, Lettuce, Leeks, Radish, Spring Onions and Turnip can all now be safely sown outdoors.
  • Plant out Broad Beans which have been sown indoors.
  • Tomato seedlings which have developed their first true leaves should be potted up.
  • Brassicas should be sown in small pots to be transplanted into their growing positions in the Summer.
  • Continue to make sowings of Annual Bedding Plants most of which can now be sown outdoors.
  • Regularly tie in Climbers such as HoneySuckle and Clematis.
  • Feed Roses with a Rose Fertiliser to encourage growth.
  • Prune evergreen shrubs such as Choisya and Ceanothus but leave the pruning of spring flowering shrubs until after
  • they have flowered.
  • Summer flowering Bulbs should be planted now.
  • Apply a general fertiliser such as Growmore or Fish, Blood and Bone to borders and beds.
  • Clear weeds before they become established.

To join the club or our meetings Call John Boon on 01483 874123


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