Community Update September 2020

Sutherland Memorial Hall

The Sutherland Memorial Park Amenities Club is not proceeding with the renewal of the lease and is giving up the tenancy.

In future Guildford Borough Council will be managing the Hall and all bookings will have to be made via GBC. We have no further details at present.

The Peter Rabbit Nursery will restart in September and will be the only user until at least January 2021, as current regulations mean that the Hall would have to be deep cleaned between each different user. The Bowls Club will continue as a separate organisation.

At the time of writing (early August) the play area and outdoor gym are open.

The Wey Navigation

In last month’s issue, there was an article on the Navigation which highlighted some of the concerns we have about the state of the river.

We believe that high flow rates are scouring the banks and causing tree roots to be undermined, and the root plates to fail. This is causing trees to topple into the river – clearly seen in the photograph.

GBC, the National Trust and the Environment Agency are each responsible for various aspects of managing the river and the navigation.

The BCA and Burpham Neighbour-hood Forum have been researching the reasons for this erosion and are preparing a paper to present to all relevant authorities in an attempt to get them to take action to stop any further deterioration of the bank.

Still wanted…

Many people came forward to volunteer for the Burpham Community Support Scheme at the start of lockdown and they did a wonderful job.

If you are one of them and you’ve enjoyed helping your community then why not join the BCA committee? We’re all volunteers and we would welcome anyone who could contribute their time and expertise to help us. If you would like to find out more then please contact our Chairman on

To get in touch with the BCA: Contact the secretary on phone 01483 567791 or visit the website at

What does the Burpham Community Association do?

If you are new to Burpham you may not be aware of what the BCA does. The Constitution states its raison d’être:

“To foster a sense of community within Burpham and promote its collective interests”.

These are some of the things we do to try and uphold that statement.

Liaise with our MP, local borough and county councillors, the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum and residents on a variety of local issues. These include:

  • Planning issues that are likely to affect the whole community such as major building projects– the BCA does not normally
  • get involved with individual planning applications.
  • The road and traffic issues that cause so many difficulties for residents.
  • Flooding and drainage problems.

Dealing with these issues means writing letters of objection to contentious planning applications; this has included organising and collating surveys of residents. Preparing responses to GBC/SCC consultations is another task.
We also organise public meetings for members with speakers on a variety of topics, and host summer and winter social events. Because of Covid-19, these events will be on hold for the foreseeable future
Committee members attend briefing meetings as necessary and we liaise closely with our neighbours.
During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the BCA has worked with the Burpham Church to ensure that any resident who needs support can get it.

If you need help, call 07880 586455 or email

We could not do much without your subscriptions. They go towards:

  • Professional and legal costs for advice and representation when major planning issues cause concern – 2000 homes on Gosden Hill for example.
  • Subscriptions to the Guildford Residents’ Association, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Open Spaces Society who provide support and advice on a variety of issues.
  • Hire of venues for public meetings and a small token of appreciation to visiting speakers.
  • Reasonable expenses incurred by committee members.
  • Funding our Burpham Pages updates.

Help by joining the Burpham Community Association today!

Subscriptions are £8 per household or £4 per single occupancy and run from January to December. Join now or renew your membership for 2020.

You can pay by:

Direct Debit – visit our website at which has a link to this system – an email to giving your details would be helpful.

Account name: Burpham Community Association
Sort Code: 40-22-26
Account Number: 41049194
To help the Treasurer please identify yourself using initials, surname and the first line of your address.

Please contact Liz Turner, our Membership Secretary, if you have any queries. Her email address is

NB  We never share your data or use it for any purpose other than informing you of BCA activities. 

BCA on Facebook & Twitter!
Join the conversation! Open to members and non-members, it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening in our community.

Guildford Community Lottery
A way for everyone to support local causes and be in with a chance to win prizes of up to £25,000. 50% of all tickets sold from our page go to the BCA!

Tickets only cost £1 per week, buy now at


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