Community Update November 2020

Sainsbury’s Loading Bay

In September, Sainsbury’s lodged an application to enlarge their loading bay to accommodate a parking area for delivery vehicles. It proposed to build on the wooded area to the north of the store, as shown in the diagram on the right.

The BCA opposed this application on two main grounds; the inevitable increase in noise that would disturb nearby properties and the encroachment into a Local Green Space that will result in the loss of 60+ trees.

Planned expansion can be seen top right of this drawing

What are Local Green Spaces?

Let Jim Allen of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum begin the story:

I discovered something as I walked every street in Burpham when taking photos for the Appendices on Character that would be included in the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan – can you guess? Well, the answer is trees. I noticed that every property in Burpham can see a tree from its windows. The result of this discovery lead to Policy B-EN3 in the Neighbourhood Plan which outlines 20 green spaces in the Ward. These are now official Local Green Spaces, shown on the map below. The Plan states:

“The spaces are designated under the NPPF designation as ‘Local Green Space’. Some are less than a few square metres. Others are ribbons no more than a few metres wide running into and around the community, while some are larger but none is an extensive tract of land. Each contributes a benefit to the community such as recreation, a pleasant walk way or thoroughfare or enjoyment of nature. The individual sites shown on the map form their own very special function within community life, either providing recreation, and/or nature conservation.”

Burphams’s ‘Local Green Spaces’

To get in touch with the BCA: Contact the secretary on phone 01483 567791 or visit the website at

Why are Green Spaces so important?

The most obvious reason is that they provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife – birds, animals, fish, amphibians and a huge variety of insects, vital for pollination.

There is growing concern at the decline in pollinating insects as so many of our food plants depend on it. The green spaces also provide wildlife corridors to link habitats. Trees and shrubs help to prevent soil erosion, take up water which improves drainage, and absorb pollutants. They can also help to reduce noise pollution.

Green spaces provide areas for recreation – places to play, walk the dog, meet friends, enjoy watching the wild life or just sit and meditate. If you have never been there, try the Riverside Park and Nature Reserve – it’s a wonderful place to do all of these.

If all that is planned by Guildford Borough Council, Surrey County Council and the government, comes to fruition, Burpham will be surrounded by thousands of new homes.

If all that is planned by GBC, SCC and the government, comes to fruition, Burpham will be surrounded by thousands of new homes. The BCA, and the BNF are determined to ensure that our green spaces remain intact; if one is allowed to be built on, a very dangerous precedent will have been created.

One thing all of us can do to maintain our green spaces is to keep them free of litter. We are looking at the possibility of extending the Community Support Group to help with this by providing volunteers with appropriate equipment.

If you feel this is something you could do, perhaps while walking the dog, please get in touch with our Membership Secretary, by emailing

Winter is nearly upon us

Burpham Church at St. Lukes

With no end in sight to the Covid-19 restrictions, there will be no further meetings or our Christmas Social this year. We hope you will have a good Christmas and that the New Year brings better times.

The BCA has worked with Burpham Church to ensure that any resident in need of help or support due to Covid-19 can get it by calling 07880 586455, emailing or contact the Secretary.

Help by joining the Burpham Community Association today!

Subscriptions are £8 per household or £4 per single occupancy and run from January to December. Join now or renew your membership for 2020.

You can pay by:

Direct Debit – visit our website at which has a link to this system – an email to giving your details would be helpful.

Account name: Burpham Community Association
Sort Code: 40-22-26
Account Number: 41049194
To help the Treasurer please identify yourself using initials, surname and the first line of your address.

Please contact Liz Turner, our Membership Secretary, if you have any queries. Her email address is

NB  We never share your data or use it for any purpose other than informing you of BCA activities. 

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