What is it that you feel you need right now?

In a world that seems to be becoming more uncertain and more polarised by the minute, it is hard to know where life is going and what lies ahead.

I can’t ever remember a time when the future of the whole world seemed so up in the air. It feels like we are only one small step away from complete global chaos. Perhaps that sounds over dramatic, but as COVID restrictions continue to build once again here in the UK it is the experience of many people who simply don’t know what to do and where to turn.

You might be the kind of person who is brilliant at rolling with the punches – you might have taken 2020 in your stride, or you might be someone who is metaphorically hiding under the duvet and will only emerge when everything seems “normal” again, whatever that might be.

Our church community has been hugely impacted just like everyone else. We’d love to meet again freely. We’d like to shake hands and hug! We’d like to sit next to people. We’d like to sing in a big group – well most of us would anyway!! Our current situation is strange and uncomfortable. It’s tempting just to complain about all the things we can’t do and how annoying and difficult it is to manage with the restrictions.

And yet… And yet, there are many things that we can do. We can meet online, we can meet in person in groups of up to six. About 35 people can meet in our building for worship. And that means that there are so many things we can do. I don’t know about you, but it’s taken me a while to stop thinking about all the things I CAN’T do, and start focusing on the new things I CAN do!

We’d love to meet again freely. We’d like to shake hands and hug! We’d like to sit next to people. We’d like to sing in a big group – well most of us would anyway!!

When we were building the new extension on our building in 2013, it was a safety requirement that we had to put some markings on the glass of our foyer windows and doors. The architects suggested some designs or symbols. We chose to write…

love hope peace joy faith

…around our building. Those words convey something that God offers to us at all times and in all situations, even in the chaos and insanity of 2020. Maybe they feel like impossible things for you right now, but it is my firm belief that we can discover these things for ourselves today whatever difficulties and wrestles we face.

As we move towards the Christmas period perhaps you will feel the pull of what Jesus offers as recalled in the Christmas Carol ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’.

Please do contact us directly if you would like us to help you discover these things for yourself in these difficult times. We’d love to connect whether in person or online!

With every blessing
Revs James & Jo Levasier


Church office: 01483 825533



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