Just keep going

In 1939 at the start of WW2 nearly 2.5 million posters saying “Keep Calm and Carry On” were printed by the British Government. On my mother’s side, she and her family were captured and interned in a concentration camp, so ‘keeping calm’ was a difficult option and ‘carrying on’ their old life not an option! A better expression for them became, ‘Just keep going’.

In has been interesting listening to people who were so ready to take on the challenge of lockdown. Someone who worked at the hospital said there was lots of energy for the challenge ahead. Parents had creative ideas for engaging their children over the Easter holidays and then the Summer term. Those who were now working from home were so busy adapting to a new working environment that there was no time to reflect on their usual conditions. Some who had lost jobs or are in new financial position were using their energy to improve their situation.

The reality of the difficulties is now beginning to take its toll on us all. Some hospital workers are now getting very tired. Children are struggling to stay engaged still at home. One person who works from home was saying how energy-sapping one Zoom meeting after another, after another was to his day. The financial reality for others is beginning to bite as savings run out. While our home has not caught the virus, some of our friends and family have now.

This virus situation is like the part of a marathon where you have run 20 miles but the finish is not yet in sight!

I have shared with you before that I love running marathons and this virus situation is like the part of a marathon where you have run 20 miles but the finish is not yet in sight! Some call it The Wall! My greatest lesson here is to simply focus on the end that will come and say to myself “just keep going” and celebrate each mile. This does not change the situation but just helps shift the focus from the current struggle to the end destination.

There is a bit in the Bible which says a similar thing in a better way!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9

Rev James Levasier


Church office: 01483 825533


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